Led Zeppelin reunion at the O2 in London, December 10, 2007

I was fortunate enough to attend the show. As a huge fan of Led Zeppelin, it was a dream come true. Below, I have posted some text, video, and images from the concert. Please give credit to www.musictrekker.com when using these images or video for commercial or casual purposes. All images, video, and text were originally shot by the webmaster.

  Here are my notes, thoughts, pictures, and videos from the concert. The sound and video quality is poor, but it is original.  
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  One note I haven't read in the reviews is how bad the sound engineers were. There was a squeal in the lead singer mic from the opening act, all the way to the end of Zeppelin. The sound engineers shoould be embarrassed.  
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Good Times, Bad Times Great choice for an opening song. The crowd went crazy as soon as Page hit the first chord. They played this song a little hesitant, not sure how they should respond to the hysteria. A solid opener, though. Good Times1
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Good Times2
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Ramble On One of my personal favorites. Just a great song. You could tell they were starting to warm up. The riffs had a great, echoey sound. Ramble On
Black Dog Jason Bonham was the highlight on this song. His interplay with the guitar and bass was making the song sound full. Robert Plant had some difficulty with this song, as he left out a lot of the high scream fills (the oh yea, ah, ah, ah) in most of the sections. Black Dog
In My Time of Dying Slide guitar was excellent. You could tell the sound was starting to increase at this point. In My Time
For Your Life This song was never played in public before.
Trampled Under Foot This is where John Paul Jones impressed me. Not only was he playing the keyboards, but he was playing the bass lines with his foot pedals. He played multiple songs this way during the course of the evening. Maybe he didn't get enough credit. Trampled Under Foot
Nobody's Fault but Mine Plant announced that this song was inspired by Blind Willie Johnson. Plant plays harmonica on this song. He matched Page's riffs with his copycat screams. This song rocked. Nobody's fault
No Quarter Keyboards were outstanding. Not a song I woud have picked for the show. No Quarter 1
No Quarter 2
Since I've been Loving You Another song I would not have picked. They wanted to pay tribute to their blues roots. Since I've
Dazed and Confused Page plays well, and captivates the audience by pulling out the violin bow to play. The stage effects were cool, with four green lasers surrounding him from the rigging above, to give the effect he was inside a pyramid, with fog machines for effect. These last 3 songs sort of lulled the audience. I think people were waiting for the hard driving, energizing songs.
Stairway to Heaven Probably the lowlight of the show. Plant struggled with the vocals. It just didn't sound right. It should have been left off the list. Page plays the double necked Gibson guitar. The feedback from Plant's mic didn't help, either. His voice started going crackly and hoarse at this point. Stairway
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The Song Remains the Same Good vocals. A decent transition to the up-tempo songs. We knew it was getting close to the end once this song started, but were hoping for another 10 songs. Song Remains1
    Song Remains2
Misty Mountain Hop Another favorite of mine. I loved the keyboard by Jones. The crowd was getting pumped again. The stage lighting was reflective of the psychadelic era. The sound engineers started adding more effects in the vocals at this point. More reverb and echo. It actually helped quite a bit. Misty mtn
Kashmir I thought they may play "Immigrant Song" at this point, as Page makes a comment about the "hammer of the gods". The crowd roared when they heard the first notes. I thought this may have been the best played and sung song of the entire night. A near brawl broke out next to us, as a man and woman decided to stand up and dance, blocking everyon's view. Some pushing and posturing ensued, with the obligatory "let's take it outside" remark. Eventually, the man sat down, but the woman didn't. Kashmir
Whole Lotta Love This was encore 1. After about 3 minutes of non-stop roaring, they came back out and laid into this one. Great song. In 2002, I saw Plant with his "Strange Sensation" band in Los Angeles. I thought they played it better then. The volume was extremely loud at this time. Whole Lotta Love
Whole Lotta Love
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Rock and Roll After 5 minutes of screaming, they came back out for a second encore. Good song which got the whole crowd singing along. Rock and Roll


The arena

O2 exterior, and
my friend who won
the tickets

A site not seen in
a l ong time

waiting for tickets.
a 3 hour ordeal.

the magical

waiting for floor
standing seats

happy as clams in
our seats.

Good Times, Bad Times