Beethoven Sites

Ludwig Von Beethoven's bithplace. He was possibly born on December 16, 1770. (that is the day his family celebrated his birthday).

Located at Bonngasse 18-26 D-53111 Bonn, Germany



Lobkowitz Palace. The prince had an orchestra, which Beethoven would use. The prince eventually became a patron of Beethoven.

Located at Lobkowitzplatz 2, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Photo credit : Marianne and Steve Braem


Another residence in Germany.

Located at 515 Bonngasse, Bonn, Germany. This house is now #20.

Photo credit: Andrea Hubrick


The Fischerhaus.

Located at 934 Rheingasse, Bonn, Germany


Ogylisches Haus (1st floor). Here in May 1795.

Located at 35 Kreuzgasse, Vienna, Austria (Now 6 L?welstrasse)


Hambergshes Haus. Her during 1801-1802.

Located at 1275 Wasserkuntsbastei, Vienna, Austria
(now 15 Seilerst?tte)


The former home of Baron Pasqualati. Beeethoven lived here sporadically between 1804-1808.

Located at 1239 M lkerbastei, Vienna, Austria
(now no.8) (4th floor)


He lived here in 1808-1809.

Located at 1074 Krugerstrasse, Vienna, Austria


Here in August of 1809.

Located at 82 Klepperstall, Teinfaltstrasse, Vienna, Austria (3rd floor) (now on site of 1 Schreyvogelgasse)


Lambertischeshaus. Here 1815-1817.

Located at 1055/6 Auf der Seilerstadt, Vienna, Austria
(3rd floor) (now  21 Seilerst?tte)


Schwarzpanierhaus. Here 1825-1827. 2nd floor. (now site of 15 Scharwzspanierstrasse

Located at Schwarzpanierstrasse, Vienna, Austria